SaaS Conversion Audit

In just a few weeks, get a backlog of actionable improvements to grow signups, activations, and conversions for your SaaS product.

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Uncover Key Conversions Drivers, Barriers, and Growth Opportunities
Using a methodology I developed running growth programs for top SaaS companies, I will conduct an in-depth audit of your web or mobile product. The outcome will be a detailed 50-100 page report that outlines your conversion funnel's strengths and weaknesses, and the immediate improvements you can make to drive conversions.

“I was impressed by the data Mike pulled together to support his recommendations – including analytics, user testing, and survey research. I highly recommend Mike’s services to anyone looking for a better user experience.”

Shawn Cadeau, Chief Revenue Officer

What's Included in the Audit?

A full SaaS conversion audit includes:

  • A review of your web and product analytics data to understand overall performance, compare your conversion rates to industry benchmarks, and identify key funnel drop-off points. This step also ensures the remaining research targets the pages and flows where users are getting stuck.
  • A custom-designed UX research sprint, which typically includes usability testing with 3-5 target users, customer survey results and analysis (targeting min. 200 respondents), website polling, and gathering heatmap / scrollmap data.
  • An expert review of key product flows, where I use my in-depth knowledge of SaaS growth and conversion best practices to identify optimizations that are likely to work in your specific context.
  • A detailed 50-100 page report with the results of the audit, including analytics review, user research results, an annotated review teardown, and a prioritized backlog of 30+ improvements to grow conversions.
  • A 2-hour video call to go over the audit in detail and discuss the provided recommendations.

How Does this Work? How Will the Results Be Delivered?

The process begins with a kick-off call for us to get to know each other and review the goals for the audit, and discuss your specific growth concerns. To facilitate this meeting, you will receive a client survey to help me better understand your current growth goals and to gather any relevant background data. I'll also make sure I have access to the tools I need to conduct my research (typically analytics and CRM platforms).

Following the kick-off, I will design the  research phase, and begin collecting data. After the data is analyzed, I package it along with my own expert review and recommendations into a final report. This process lasts around 3-4 weeks from start to finish.
Once the audit report is ready, I will send it via a PDF (sample) for your team to review before we meet as a group to review the results. The review meeting is conducted over video conference, and lasts ~2 hours.

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